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Beyond International was co-founded by leading Chinese and American global immigration finance professionals. Beyond is a cross-border wealth management firm that focuses on providing legal and compliance solutions to our high net worth clients from China. In the process of the constantly changing and developing globalization. Based on the founding team and its associated companies in cross-border financial services and asset management success experience, We use big data, blockchain, AI and other technology to help provide financial and asset management services to clients in a constantly changing world. Beyond Iinternational is committed to providing high-net-worth customers with Comprehensive services.

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Cross-Border Asset Allocation

Beyond International is committed to making it easier for high-net-worth individuals to participate in global high-quality private equity investments. Our global private equity fund investment platform selects investment strategies that meet the characteristics of cross-border investor's strategy, projects and portfolios, using the latest financial technology, based on cross-border compliance and international. The specific investment structure designed for taxation not only lowers the investment threshold for high-net-worth individuals, but also improve the liquidity during the investment period, and provide asset allocation, performance improvement, High-quality value-added services such as due diligence, legal protection, investment tracking, legal capital flow, etc. We want to make the global asset allocation of high-net-worth individuals more transparent, more controllable risk, and more reasonable and optimized portfolio, to become the mainstay of wealth preservation and appreciation.


The Insurance business of Beyond International covers global financial insurance centers around the world, including the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bermuda. The products cover global travel medical insurance, immigration medical insurance, all types of life insurance and annuities product. We partner directly with large insurance companies and act as agency for hundreds of top insurance companies. Beyond International provides one-stop shop for cross-border high-net-worth families with customized lifetime insurance protection services to help customers complete wealth preservation, wealth appreciation and Global estate planning for inheritance. The team has achieved insurance revenue of $300 million since inception.


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