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ONE CLUB (Bi'An Hui) is affiliated to Bi'An International. As a cross-border service club for the global citizens, Bi'An Hui relies on Bi'An International's six business systems, which are “Overseas Investment and Asset Allocation”, Immigration Services and International Identity Planning”, “Overseas life insurance and family inheritance”, “Overseas direct mergers and acquisitions”, “Overseas customized education and Planning”, “Overseas living service platform”. Our goal is to create a high-end overseas ecosystem for our VIP members and provide the most professional and cutting-edge finance, taxation, Insurance, living and education information and services to support members' high-quality international lifestyle.

ONE CLUB Member Benefits

  • Special Investment Opportunities
  • Living and Medical
  • Global tax and Education Planning
  • Overseas Real Estate
  • Overseas Internship
  • Private club events


  • Investment over $500,000

    with Beyond International

  • Invitational membership, Only the

    invited clients can enjoy the membership benefits

  • Please contact your Beyond investment specialists for more details of "membership benefits"

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Every child is a unique individual, and each deserves a customized educational program .Beyond International is well aware of customer needs, and strictly selects overseas customized education and enrollment planning teams with rich successful experience to provide customers with high-end customized services for overseas education. Our personalized, professional and customized enrollment planning services include:

8 educational programs

Targeting Consulting
  • US undergraduate application + Strategic Action Plan
  • One-on-one consultation planning
Detailed Guidance
  • Subject tutoring with private tutors
  • Standardized test sprint preparation
  • Writing supplementary documents for personal autobiography
Background Promotion
  • Background Promotion ·Online research programs of top Universities
  • Summer schools of top universities
  • Internship opportunities in wellknown companies
Based on the above 8 educational services, Beyond International selects experienced academic advisers for in-depth consultation with students and their parents, and provides a high-quality team of academic advisers and professional tutor . Experienced academic advisers will conduct indepth consultation with students to help them sort out their goals and directions for further study. Customized educational programs to help children and families realize their dreams, with follow-up counseling and counseling for students With the help of experts in education planning, we will help children adapt to different culture , reshape themselves and start their dream journey.

Application secrets for elite schools - Customize background promoters

  • Online research programs of top Universities
  • Summer schools of top universities
  • Internship opportunities in wellknown companies
Standardized test scores are only a small part of the criteria that top schools use to evaluate applicants. In addition to academic achievement, more important criteria are achievement in extracurricular activities, such as involvement in community service, research projects, corporate internship programs, and activities with nonprofit organizations. Top schools will focus more on soft skills beyond academic competence, such as leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal and communication skills. High-quality scientific research projects and internship projects of famous enterprises are ideal choices to enhance students' soft power.

Evaluation of background promotion

Master higher level skills

learn latest research trends

Determine future research directions

Find out your future academic direction


Short&Longterm career goals

Discover your

unique competencies and values

Internship training program

In 2020, One Club provided VIP clients with the American internship training program, to enhance the multi-aspect English communication and social communication ability with American Communicate with well-known people in the industry, share the experience of living and working in the United States, experience crossborder corporate culture, prepare and explore your career path.Your outstanding performance will have the opportunity to get priority employment and apply for a work visa. It's now or never.

Member privileges - Health Services

Tailor-made medical insurance plan Family doctor consulting services Customized annual physical examination plan
*The above-mentioned value-added services have certain timeliness and binding clauses, please consult Beyond International professional consultants

Client privileges - Green card maintenance service


Accompany customers who visit the office in perso , connect to the USCIS card renewal reception center, translate on-site, and help customers complete their first appointment.

Call back from USCIS

Answer the appointment call of the USCIS at any time, and connect on-site translation to help customers determine the time for renewal

Apply for renewal

If the customer needs, we can accompany the customer to the designated USCIS to assist in the stamping and other matters

Solve the issue

If there are customers who fail to answer or make an appointment, we can assist in communicating with the USCIS repeatedly until the card renewal is successful

US Living and life insurance consulting

  • Cross-border tax consulting for individuals and family businesses

  • Education & school district consulting

  • Tuition and financial aid

  • Retirement plan

  • Real Estate