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ONE CLUB (Bi'An Hui) is affiliated to Bi'An International. As a cross-border service club for the global citizens, Bi'An Hui relies on Bi'An International's six business systems, which are “Overseas Investment and Asset Allocation”, Immigration Services and International Identity Planning”, “Overseas life insurance and family inheritance”, “Overseas direct mergers and acquisitions”, “Overseas customized education and Planning”, “Overseas living service platform”. Our goal is to create a high-end overseas ecosystem for our VIP members and provide the most professional and cutting-edge finance, taxation, Insurance, living and education information and services to support members' high-quality international lifestyle.

ONE CLUB Member Benefits

  • Special Investment Opportunities
  • Living and Medical
  • Global tax and Education Planning
  • Overseas Real Estate
  • Overseas Internship
  • Private club events


  • • Investment over $500,000

    with Beyond International

  • • Invitational membership, Only the

    invited clients can enjoy the membership benefits

  • • Please contact your Beyond investment specialists for more details of "membership benefits"

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Every child is a unique individual, and each of them deserves a customized educational plan. The applicant's various capabilities such as academic ability, language ability, extracurricular activities, self-cognition, etc. are carefully evaluated in the assessment of top universities. The admissions officer from university will accentuate the persistence, continuity and personality of the applicant, not only the academic marks on paper.

At present, the study abroad service which only applies to grade 12th’s university applications is no longer meet the needs of more personalized and earlier guidance from many children and their families. Based on deeply understanding the customer needs, Beyond International strictly selects overseas organizations with rich successful experience on progression planning and customized education, in order to providing personalized and professional education planning to prestigious American schools.

The core advantages of American prestigious school entrance planning

With our U.S. education planning, becoming an Ivy League student is not a dream

  • 98%

    High acceptance rate of TOP30 U.S. schools

  • 99%

    Admissions consultant graduated from the TOP20 schools in the US

  • 98%

    The instructors from the TOP20 universities in the United States lead the scientific research projects

  • 1000+

    Job offers from US Fortune 500 companies

Beyond International is committed to providing a full range of value-added services to high-net-worth families, including academic and professional planning for their children. The members in Beyond International Education team and its co-operating organization were worked at Apple, Morgan Stanley, NASA, Facebook, McKinsey, PWC... and other top level companies in the world. Senior professional mentors and job consultants, who have more than 10+ years in various fields, provide job hunting courses and internal job referrals. So far, more than 3000 students have successfully found their favorite internships and jobs through us.

Career Planning of Top American Companies

Four major programs

Workplace Training Background Enhancement Internship Programs Expert guidance

Speak with numbers

  • 3000+

    Large and medium-sized cooperative enterprises and network in North America

  • 100%

    100% professional elite mentors from famous North American companies

  • 3000+

    Accumulated more than 3000 offers from top enterprises

Member privileges - Health Services

Tailor-made medical insurance plan Family doctor consulting services Customized annual physical examination plan
*The above-mentioned value-added services have certain timeliness and binding clauses, please consult Beyond International professional consultants

Client privileges - Green card maintenance service


Accompany customers who visit the office in perso , connect to the USCIS card renewal reception center, translate on-site, and help customers complete their first appointment.

Call back from USCIS

Answer the appointment call of the USCIS at any time, and connect on-site translation to help customers determine the time for renewal

Apply for renewal

If the customer needs, we can accompany the customer to the designated USCIS to assist in the stamping and other matters

Solve the issue

If there are customers who fail to answer or make an appointment, we can assist in communicating with the USCIS repeatedly until the card renewal is successful

Beyond International launches four value-added services for business travelers

  • 01.

    Green Card Maintenance Service

    One-on-one exclusive lawyers provide the best plan for keeping your U.S. green card identity

  • 02.

    US Vaccine Service

    Appointment service for vaccine institutions across the United States; medical support services in both Chinese and English.

  • 03.

    Covid 19 PCR Testing Service

    Professional double-test institutions selection, appointment service and Chinese green code support service, helping you have a worry-free travel

  • 04.

    Travel Insurance Service

    Covering COVID-19 treatment, directly paid by Chinese and American medical institutions, making your travel safer

U.S. landed and settled down Services

One-stop all-round U.S. home landing service

  • • Pursue Perfection
  • • Accompany Attentively
  • • Reach Target Finally