Beyond International US insurance service advantage

  • Cross-border insurance technology platform

    Combining insurtech and client asset allocation and other life needs, the insurtech platform of Beyond International's cross-border crowd can not only customize insurance, but also save time for clients and facilitate clients to flexibly purchase corresponding insurance, intelligently serve client needs and provide follow-up services.

  • Experienced team

    A top consulting team composed of CPA, CFA, lawyers, accountants, and insurance planners. In addition to strong professional knowledge and rich experience in overseas, team members have rich experience in professional and specialized services for cross-border clients. Up to now, Beyond International's insurance team has served more than 1,000 high-net-worth and ultra-highnet-worth cross-border client families, and the total premium of the effective policy has reached 300 million US dollars.

  • High-touch services

    Beyond International is based in China and the United States, with business all over the world. In the United States, Beyond International has established a complete service system. In California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and other states have established service teams. Possess insurance licenses and other financial licenses from various states in the United States; experienced insurance planners and agents provide clients with tailor-made optimal plans and fast and professional underwriting related services, saving effort and time; at the same time providing clients with annual insurance plans evaluation and promotion services, we are committed to becoming a lifelong comprehensive insurance service expert for clients, providing 24-hour uninterrupted services around the world.

  • Comprehensive product lines

    Beyond international insurance business covering insurance financial centres around the world, including the most advanced and comprehensive product range in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and offshore Bermuda, covering global travel health care, new immigrants health care, a variety of business travel of study abroad and all kinds of critical illness insurance and pension annuity products. Have direct partnerships with large insurance companies and act as agents for the latest products of 100 top insurance companies

Life Insurance

American Life Insurance

American Life Insurance: American insurance has the characteristics of high leverage, advanced products, and diversified functions. It is especially suitable for the global dollar asset planning and allocation of US and non-US immigrant families.With powerful functions such as life protection, critical illnesses, education funds, threegeneration pension savings and asset inheritance tax planning , it has become a leader in global insurance allocation for Chinese in recent years

Product advantages
Highest Leverage Mature market and strict supervision Tax deductable Diverse products, complete functions, advanced design Asset privacy

Suitable groups
  • 1.Families immigrate to the U.S.

  • 2.American born children and foreign students

  • 3.American real estate investors

  • 4.U.S. dollar asset allocation person

  • 5.Ultra-high asset global tax planning and privacy planning family

Bermuda Life Insurance

Bermuda is the world's famous "risk protection capital". Its index universal life insurance and whole life insurance are advanced in design, and the premiums are more cost-effective than in Asia. At the same time, it has a strong protection from the parent company. It is the best choice for global citizens and high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to configure USD assets and insurance protection products. It has good privacy and enjoys Bermuda exemption from insurance policy income tax and value-added tax.

Product advantages
World insurance center, stable political and economic environment Exclusive pricing for high-net-worth customers , cost-effective premiums and high insurance coverage Issuance and guarantee by the parent company of a large global insurance consortium Convenient global multi-region physical examination network The market mature product design is advanced with good privacy ·Exclusive pricing for high-net-worth customers , cost-effective premiums and high insurance coverage ·Convenient global multi-region physical

Suitable groups
  • 1.Non-U.S.and Canadian permanent residents or citizens

  • 2.USD asset allocation Privacy-conscious clients

  • 3.Seek advanced insurance products Premium cost-effective

  • 4.Seeking ultra-high insurance coverage

  • 5.Persons who own or are setting up an offshore family trust


American Annuity

U.S. annuities can achieve life-long income in US dollars. The market is highly competitive, diversified product choices, good liquidity, humanized additional functions, and tax deferred compound interest growth can effectively enhance investment returns and assist tax planning in the United States.

Product advantages
Lifetime income Transparent product design and great return potential Low-risk investment Additional clauses meet the needs of elderly care and inheritance Tax deducted and Compound interest growth

Suitable groups
  • 1.Families immigrate to the U.S

  • 2.American born children and foreign students

  • 3.USD asset allocation

  • 4.Investors seeking lifetime income

  • 5.Conservative investors

Offshore US dollar Annuity

A good choice for Non-U.S. permanent green cards and citizens of deposit and allocation of USD assets, and obtain interest income under economic fluctuations and low interest rates. At the same time, they have certain liquidity, effectively resist inflation, and flexibly withdraw at maturity. Connected to the US dollar insurance premium and the payment of the child 's tuition obligations, easy and cost-effective

Product advantages
Strong asset strength and investment capabilities of insurance companies The product is stable and there is no risk of loss investment income Not significantly affected by economic fluctuations Good product liquidity, diversified and user-friendly withdraw system Low interest with high return

Suitable groups
  • 1.USD asset allocation

  • 2.Conservative investors

  • 3.Idle dollar funds looking for interest income

  • 4.Mid- to long-term and lifetime income needs

  • 5.Connection with USD insurance and child tuition

Global travel and U.S. local medical insurance

Global travel and U.S. local medical insurance

Medical insurance covering the whole world, from short-term business travel, to studying abroad, to immigration and settlement One-stop service with complete insurance types, tailor-made, Chinese service, and continuous tracking

Product advantages
Global Coverage Group purchase price Chinese Service Tracking service Tailor-made

Suitable groups
  • 1.Business travelers

  • 2.Overseas students

  • 3.Immigrant family

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