Global Asset Allocation

Overseas investment and asset allocation

The founding team started to found an asset management company in the United States in 2016, to jointly manage debt with local real estate funds in the United States Rights and equity real estate funds. Investment assets involve apartments, singlefamily houses, data centers, and communication infrastructure Facilities, renewable energy facilities, office buildings, hotels, retail and other fields. More than 1,000 investment customers, managed The total amount of funds reached 500 million US dollars.

Unique advantages and strategies

Focus on the investment needs and preferences of cross-border high net worth individuals
  • • Balance risk and return

    In view of the stable investment characteristics of cross-border individuals, strictly select high-quality private equity Real estate fund: mainly adopts mortgage creditor's rights and stock property renovation and appreciation. A conservative investment strategy through investment in real estate projects with controllable risks In order to provide customers with reasonable investment income.

  • • Optimized tax structure

    Designed for cross-border people, the structure of the fixed-collection debt fund conforms to the investment Portfolio Interest exemption, while an equity investment fund is applicable to the income category with lower tax burden, which fully optimizes the overall income level of investors

  • • Medium and short term investment horizon

    2-5 years investment cycle (including investment period and exit period, and large custom made).

  • • Flexible liquidity

    The investment principal can be redeemed every quarter (conditionally), and there is no redemption fee for the investment over a certain number of years, so as to realize the asset allocation that is more closely combined with the cross-border living demand.

  • • Cash is king

    The Fund focuses on investing in mature real estate projects. During the investment period, it distributes current cash income to investors on a quarterly (or half-yearly) basis. Such projects provide investors with stable cash flow during the holding period

  • • Lower investment threshold for compliance

    Realize the connection between individual investors and large investment institutions. Take care of personal investment Capital Demand for liquidity, investment thresholds and taxation through professional Private equity investment product platform. The customized design of the architecture makes it easier for cross-border high net worth individuals to participate in quality private equity funds with high investment threshold and strict screening of large institutions.

High-quality partners and strict risk control management
  • • High-quality fund management partners and good historical performance

    The assets under management (AUM) of Beyond International and its affiliates exceed US$10 billion USD. So far the investment management of the project without loan default, project stagnation and loss

  • • High-standard operational risk control management

    Beyond International's professional fund operation team and world-renowned fund administration Managers, fund custodian banks, professional lawyers, etc. to provide investment services for investors on its multi-functional private equity management and trading platform.

Diversified investment to achieve risk diversification
  • • Geographical diversity

    Beyond International's investment is mainly concentrated in gateway cities along the east and west coasts of the United States Cities, as well as rapid economic development, sustained population growth and rapid employment growth area.

  • • Asset class diversification

    Beyond International's investment covers the main asset classes of commercial real estate investment. Including data centers, Wireless communication infrastructure, new energy infrastructure Facilities, singlefamily houses, multi-family apartments, student apartments, senior citizens Apartment, Hotels, office buildings, commercial complexes, etc.

Beyond private equity fund series