US Fund

Beyond International is committed to simplifying investing for high net worth individuals. Our global private equity investment platform selects investment strategies that meet the requirements of discerning foreign investors. We have developed fund structures that allow investors to gain access to quality funds with lower investment minimums and greater liquidity. Beyond performs fund due diligence, monitor performance, reviews compliance procedures. We want to offer a global asset allocation solution that is sustainable for the long-term and transparent for individuals.

U.S. Real Estate Private Equity Fund

Equity residential value-added investment fund

Residential real estate is the largest segment within U.S. commercial real estate. This asset class is defensive in nature and typically generates stable cash flow. The market is deep with plenty of buyers and there are growth opportunities driven by demographic and migratory trends.

Asset type: multi-family apartments and single-family houses that have been built and have stable cash flow
  • Transcend NewPoint Growth Fund

    Asset Class: affordable single-family housing

    Investment strategy: Light value-add and institutionalize management after acquisition to increase cash flow, long-term hold lease

    Investment period: 3+1+1

    Interest payment method: floating quarterly interest payment + withdrawal from appreciation

    Starting amount:



    Investment direction: Strong demand apartment with mature operation

    Investment strategy: limited reconstruction after acquisition, increase cash flow, real estate Exit after adding value

    Investment period: 3+1+1

    Interest payment method: fixed quarterly interest payment + withdrawal from appreciation

    Starting amount:


Equity Digital Infrastructure Fund

A data center is a property/asset that provides space, power, and cooling for network infrastructure. It can store, share, and manage various types of data. Such assets are currently in short supply, have stable cash flow, and are resistant to economic cycles. They will continue to expand throughout the U.S. in the next 5 to 10 years. An important investment area for the world’s super-fast growth.

Asset type: senior loan, mezzanine loan, preferred stock
  • Trident DC1

    Investment direction: Data centers and communication infrastructure that have mature operations, Real estate related to renewable energy facilities

    Investment strategy: increase cash flow after acquisition, exit after realizing property appreciation

    Investment period: 3+1

    Income form: fixed quarterly interest payment + exit value appreciation

    Starting amount:


Debt-type fixed income fund

It mainly invests in real estate development projects and rental apartment renovation projects in the form of senior loans, mezzanine loans and stocks.

Asset type: senior loan, mezzanine loan, preferred stock
  • Urbanite Transcend Fund 1

    Investment direction: senior loans or mezzanine loans for commercial real estate projects

    Investment strategy: Fully mortgaged priority claims

    Investment period: 2+1+1

    Return Profile: fixed income, quarterly interest payment, tax exemption for non-US tax residents

    Starting amount: