About Us

About Us

Beyond International is a cross-border wealth management technology platform jointly founded by Chinese and American teams leading the global immigration finance industry. Focusing on providing legal and compliant solutions for the ever-changing and developing needs of high net worth clients from China in the process of globalization. Based on the successful experience of the founding team and its affiliates in cross-border financial services and asset management, with the help of modern technological means such as big data, allocation optimization and artificial intelligence, Beyond International is committed to providing high net worth customers with complete products and services, business affairs cover "Cross-border Asset Allocation", "Investment immigration and Global lmmigration Planning", "Financial Planning & Family Trust", "Overseas Direct Investment", "Customized Education Planning", "Immigrant Living Service Platform", as well as other regulatory solutions. We provide our clients with trusted products and first-class service experiences that help cross-border high net worth individuals complete a gorgeous turn from wealth creation to wealth conservation, from overseas status to international citizenship, from overseas investments to global asset allocation, and help our clients quickly complete global asset allocation solutions, spread risk and create a comprehensive protection barrier for wealth. Beyond International services cover the United States, Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and many other countries and regions. Beyond International has been set up many offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing.

The company's cross-border products and services features
Wealth management technology platform for cross-border high net worth individuals
  • Overseas private equity fund platform

    Technology empowers high net worth clients with alternative investments
  • Investment immigration Direct Platform

    Empower the identity of a high net worth clients
  • Cross-border life insurance technology platform

    Optimize overseas protection options for high net worth clients
  • Other overseas life cooperation technology platform

    Extend the life radius of high net worth clients

While meeting the needs of high net worth people and direct investment, the company also takes into account all aspects of global tax planning and overseas living services for clients and their industries.Based on the other side of the international overseas private equity fund platform, investment immigration direct platform, cross-border tax planning technology platform, and overseas life technology platform, for cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions needs of enterprises and related high net worth people to design a compliance and reliable asset allocation program, and help extend its overseas life radius, is the characteristics of cross-border international products and services.Innovative cross-border wealth management concept, high net worth people overseas identity planning, investment planning, and life insurance as an integral part of the asset allocation of entrepreneurs, the enterprise overseas investment and family overseas life combined, so that you can easily become a "world wealth citizen."

Our Story

Global technology platform, customer-made innovation services

Relying on the long-term accumulation of Beyond International, we have set up a global product and service platform with the spirit of technological innovation, and insist on customizing the global wealth allocation plan for each cross-border high net worth individual.Through the most reasonable way of integration, the global wealth allocation plan of Beyond International will become the cornerstone of the continuation and growth of each family's wealth. Avoid the adverse consequences of wealth depreciation and major wealth fluctuations for the family. Become the strongest shield of family wealth.

Clients are our first priority

As a leading customized crossborder wealth allocation platform, it is our goal and responsibility to protect clients' wealth from unexpected losses.Over the years, we have helped customers overcome almost all possible challenges and successfully defended their wealth.Beyond International is always ready to combine rich experience according to your specific situation, goals and wishes.Tailor your wealth allocation plan that suits you , escort your wealth appreciation, and insist on being with you all the time.

Service, Not Sales

At Beyond International, the focus of our development is the long-term success of the business, the success of you and your family.The strategies, services, and investments we suggest are based on our own in-depth thinking and research. Our client team strives to meet the needs of our customers for the purpose, not to create revenue.Our motivation is based on your best interests and provide you with fair and objective advice.Our experienced employees and global professional products will provide you with the safest and most secure wealth protection program.

One Club for Global Citizen, a Path to Wealth World

  • Cross-border Asset Allocation

  • Financial Planning & Family Trust

  • Customized Education Planning

  • Global lmmigration Planning

  • Overseas Direct Investment

  • Overseas Real Estate Platform

  • Insurance

Our affiliates

  • Golden Gate Global Golden Gate Global is headquartered on the west coast of the United States and won the 2019 IIUSA Annual Best Regional Center Award.As a recognized leading EB-5 investment immigration regional center, Golden Gate Global is a trusted partner in the EB-5 industry, providing customers with the highest quality investment platform and long-term financial solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients.So far, the projects selected by Golden Gate Global have a 100% USCIS approval rate, and more than 20, 000 jobs have been created.

  • Urbanite Capital Urbanite Capital is a real estate private equity investment institution headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Based on strong global partner resources and a good investor base, Urbanite Capital focuses on private equity and equity investment strategies in the field of commercial real estate investment across the United States. Based on the long-term good cooperation relationship with capital partners and developers , Urbanite Capital is committed to bringing attractive risk-adjusted investment returns to investors.

Management team and historical performance

Beyond International’s management team is composed of international professionals. The core founding team comes from the world’s famous asset management companies GMO, UBS, Canada Manulife Financial Group, HSBC, SCB, PWC, JIF Group and other institutions.

  • ◆ Founder and CEO Jenny Zhan has nearly 30 years of cross-border investment and financing experience, Chartered Financial Analyst, CEO of IIUSA Global Top50 Immigration Agency
  • ◆ Participated in the management of nearly US$10 billion in emerging market funds
  • ◆ Successfully operated 21 EB-5 real estate investment immigration projects with a financing amount of more than 1 billion US dollars
  • ◆ Raised and managed multiple periods of overseas real estate funds, the total amount of funds under management reached 500 million US dollars, and successfully achieved a total of 200 million US dollars in rebates
  • ◆ Assisting more than 2000 high-net-worth clients to complete international identity planning

Our Advantage

  • • The world's top partners and high-end platform resources
  • • Exclusive innovative financial investment products and compliance security
  • • Experienced investment team and consulting service team
  • • Customized cross-border investment and asset allocation solutions
  • • Professional project evaluation system and risk control management
  • • Personalized overseas financial planning and international education planning
  • • A comprehensive, one-stop cross-border financial service and overseas life service technology platform
  • • International investment capabilities of Cross-asset, crossregional, and cross-cultural

Company Culture

Core Value
Client first,Stick to integrity,Global vision

Create a global asset allocation technology platform with rich resources, excellent services and long-term returns for global high-net-worth individuals